Trustee Overview

Foundation Scotland’s Trustees work together to ensure the organisation is provided with effective leadership and governance so as to develop and maintain its offer and enhance its reputation.

Our Trustees are committed and diligent, and act in Foundation Scotland’s best interests; the Trustees discuss, debate and review and act with one voice.

As members, the Board of Trustees are the directors of the company with the responsibility for establishing the Foundation’s vision and clear strategic priorities. These priorities, together with underlying objectives and performance indicators, are established on a five-year and annual basis, and the senior team reports on them at Trustee meetings.

As a Trustee, we ask that you:

  • Give your time, effort and energy
  • Share your expertise, experience and particular skills
  • Consider being part of a Committee or Working Group
  • Challenge and be a critical friend
  • Support, nurture and encourage ideas and innovations
  • Promote and safeguard the profile and reputation of Foundation Scotland
  • Work with others to protect and enhance the financial stability of the organisation

In return you will work with and meet inspirational people, including our team and, of course, the communities which we support. To allow you to fulfil your responsibilities, we will work with you, whether as part of your induction or through other development programmes and learning, to ensure that you have the competence and confidence to fulfil your role.

Your commitment?

As a Trustee, we would expect up to a day of your time per month. This includes 6 Board meetings per year. Currently, these are held virtually and we have committed to maintaining the majority of our meetings in this format. Once we can, we plan for the wider strategy and horizon-scanning meetings to be in-person, and held in communities. Otherwise, many meetings will be online, to minimise travel and maximise flexibility and accessibility.

We also ask Trustees to be involved in a committee or working group project. This helps Trustees and staff work together, and may draw on your areas of interest or expertise. Trustees join for an initial period of three years and this can be extended by mutual agreement, three times to a maximum of nine years.

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