Welcome from Barry Sillers, Chairperson

Scotland is a nation of communities, diverse in nature be that urban, rural or remote, virtual or physical, affluent or deprived, of different faiths and beliefs and across a range of ethnic backgrounds. Our Vision is of confident, thriving, resilient communities across Scotland and our purpose is to support those communities to shape their future with the capacity and resources to deliver it. We see our role as being part of and contributing to a confident and thriving Scotland. We understand that individuals make a difference and have a greater positive impact if we work together in a culture of clarity, support and partnership.

Progress towards our Vision comes through our staff’s impactful activities, guided and supported by our Trustees, as a single organisation. Our offer includes developing local leadership to build stronger communities; widespread grant-making; and loans to support social enterprise. COVID-19 has challenged us all and I am extremely proud that Foundation Scotland has played a leading role in the sector’s response to the pandemic.

Our Response, Recovery and Resilience Fund was started with our own funds before channelling National Emergency Trust funds to communities and organisations impacted by the pandemic. We’ve made over 4000 awards to a value of £18.5 million to sustain our communities through what has been an unprecedented year of challenge.

As a Trustee, you will become part of this team, helping us to help Scotland’s communities grow stronger and sustainably. We have a strong and cognitively diverse Board of Trustees, who in the past year have reset our Ten Year Strategy and associated Values, overseen a range of governance improvements, guided the alignment of our impact to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We have taken a position at the vanguard of environmental and social impact investment, demonstrating that we are walking our talk.

We are looking to increase the number of Trustees on our Board, welcoming applicants from the widely diverse range of backgrounds which reflect the communities we support. We have much to offer in terms of supportive Trustee developmental opportunities, coaching and mentoring, so we welcome people from beyond the Boardroom norm. We are looking to push the boundaries of the perceived standard Trustee and bring together a group of people who share our values and our passion for building stronger communities.

If you want to help us build back better and develop stronger and more sustainable communities through your commitment, drive and passion, please get in touch.

Barry Sillers,
Chairperson, Foundation Scotland

Welcome from Giles Ruck, Chief Executive, Foundation Scotland

Welcome to Foundation Scotland, and thank you for your interest in joining our Board of Trustees.

I became Chief Executive of the Foundation in 2004 after over 20 years’ experience working with other charities such as Barnardo’s and Fairbridge (now The Prince’s Trust). I look to the current Trustees for guidance, open feedback, and challenge, and anticipate this level of integrity and support to continue as new Trustees join us. As Chief Executive, I have many years' experience in delivering against our strategic ambitions, especially around the use of funding in strengthening communities. However, I rely on a committed, talented and inspirational team of colleagues, and likewise, of course, we rely on our Board.

Similarly to Barry, I am keen to celebrate the difference a genuinely diverse Board can bring to our organisation and what we do, where we do it and how we do it. Board diversity matters to me, as does ensuring that we look at equality and inclusion in the broadest possible way. Whether social or professional diversity, we are committed to ensuring that we grow and change for the right reasons. We have invested time and energy in 2020 in identifying our future plans. Building a wider group of Trustees, each bringing something different and contributing to the organisation with new thoughts, ideas and challenge, is exactly what we need to continue our success.

Thank you for your interest in joining us, and I hope you enjoy learning more about our work and our ambitions.

Giles Ruck,
Chief Executive, Foundation Scotland